Why? I ask myself, why do I keep freezing overripe bananas? The quip “still buying green bananas” is one of the most straightforward, most hopeful declarations ever. We all know what it means. My spin on the theme is, I’m still freezing overripe bananas. Because one of these days, I might make my dad’s banana nut bread recipe. Also, I might not, but that doesn’t stop me from collecting the brown speckled fruit.

Pre-pandemic, I’d strategically buy three perfectly ripe bananas, ready to eat right away, and also three green bananas, ready to eat in a few days. No waiting and no waste. My weekly grocery delivery order doesn’t allow for such specific banana selections. I get what I get. We eat what we can, and the rest get frozen whole, hoping to become banana bread or sliced and frozen for my daily smoothie.

This weekend, we’ll spring forward and welcome back daylight savings time. While some mourn the loss of one hour of sleep, I don’t. It’s ONE hour. I’ve survived another winter, I don’t think one less hour of sleep is going to break me. On Sunday, when it’s still light at 7:00 pm, I’ll be happy and hopeful.

In 9-Days, I’ll be celebrating my 59th birthday, or as my sister will point out, I’m starting my 60th year of life. Whatever Cindy. She’s older than me, so no matter how old I get, she’s still older.

Most days, I don’t feel my age:

  • I still get up at the butt crack to work out. 
  • I still love to be silly and creative. 
  • I still love chocolate chip cookies and pizza. 
  • I still love Sundays packed with football.
  • I’m still a positive and hopeful person most of the time.

Occasionally, I feel like time is running out or that I don’t have enough time to do ALL the things I want to do. How much time would be enough? No clue. I just feel like there’s so much more I want to experience. I’m hopeful I’ll get to do it all, or at the very least, when my time comes, I’ll be able to say I have zero regrets and mean it. That’s hope.

In a few weeks, my husband will get his first COVID vaccine, and I suppose I’ll get mine another month or so after. This brings me hope that we’ll soon get back to seeing our family and friends someplace other than Zoom and that when my first grandbaby is born in May, I’ll get to love all over him.

A former colleague, a marketing strategist, always used to say, “hope is not a strategy.” Yes, Allan, I agree. Hope is not a course of action when you need a plan for a specific outcome. Hope is taking a leap of faith that things will go your way.

In the end, if I want that banana nut bread, I need to take action: 

  • Defrost the bananas.
  • Buy the walnuts and a loaf pan.
  • Make the effing bread.

So I ask myself, how badly do I want banana bread? Or is the hope of future banana bread enough for me today? 

I’ll get back to you.

~xoxo toby

P.S. Just another blog to prove you really CAN write a post about nothing. You’re welcome!

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  1. I also have a freezer full of bananas. It’s the story of hopeless hope. Want to setup a date where our bananas can get to know each other? zoom of course, have to keep the bananas socially safe.

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