August is tricky.

Summer is nearing its official end, but it still feels HOT in most parts of the United States. As I write this, we’re having a heatwave here in central Pennsylvania.

The confusing part? I already see pumpkin spice everything, sweater fashion, and yes, even Halloween candy! While some people are clinging to every last you-could-cook-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk heat, others have already sealed themselves inside an air-conditioned room, prepared to wait it out until fall.

But Summer is far from over, and you can take advantage of these relevant topics for your blog, social media, or emails:

National Days Calendar

I LOVE this as a resource for any business. In my experience, you can almost always find a fun topic to write about. Monday, August 9 is National Book Lovers Day, and August 11 is National Presidential Joke Day. I’m pretty sure you have a lot to say about both of those days.

Product Based Businesses

If you’re a jewelry designer, you can write about August’s birthstone, Peridot. Did you know that many people think Emerald is their only choice when it comes to green gemstones? Other product-based businesses can also capture a summer topic like how to extend the life of your garden, smart summer skincare, or what’s NEW for back-to-school.

Beauty and Wellness Businesses

August is a great time to remind your clients to drink their water, apply sunscreen, how to keep their hair or makeup looking fresh, or how to safely vacation during Covid restrictions.

Accountants and CFPs

Before we head into Q4, August is an ideal time to remind your clients of upcoming dates to be aware of, such as year-end required IRA distributions, getting their bookkeeping caught up (if they’ve fallen behind), or rules around using their HSA funds.

Career and Professional Coaches

As we near the end of the lazy days of summer, now is the time to engage your clients in Q4 planning and strategy sessions or business reviews. Before September, hold a status meeting to review where they are with their 2021 goals and what’s needed to finish the year strong.

Virtual Assistants

For many of your clients, the 2nd half of the year is their busiest season, so you can write about getting systems in place so nothing falls through the cracks or how to meet their revenue goals with special programs, offers, or discounts.

Copywriters and Marketers

The world is your oyster! You can write about almost anything! Check-in with your clients. What’s on their minds? What are they worried about or planning for? Engage them in conversation about things THEY care about and write about that!

Parenting and Mental Health Professionals

As the slower pace of summer melts into fall, parents and teachers may already be feeling anxious about back-to-school or the impending frenetic pace. Write about ways to prepare for the upcoming shift and also about remembering to practice self-care.


Every business can write about Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a website with an FAQ section, you can write about any of those topics. You can also make a list of questions that pop up regularly and write about them.

Travel and Entertainment Businesses

Aside from the typical week-long summer vacations many people take, there are plenty of weekend activities, concerts, staycations, and mini-vacations still to be had in August. Write a listicle of local fun things to do, or write about creative ways to pull off a successful staycation.

Feeling Stuck? 

  • Start by doing a braindump of ideas. Don’t overthink. Just dump.
  • Write that first shitty draft. No editing. Thus the name “shitty”.
  • Draft an email to a friend, writing about your topic.

Still stuck? Schedule a 30-minute strategy call with me! You’ll love the energy a brainstorming session brings and I promise you’ll come away with a page full of ideas.

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