Regular blogging fosters customer loyalty and also builds know, like and trust. Whether you blog weekly, or monthly, the most important thing is being consistent. I’ll happily translate your napkin-scribbled notes into a weekly or monthly blog. You’ll never be left wondering what to blog about, because together we’ll maintain a brainstorm board, chock full of topics that your customers care about.


Nurturing your email list is key to staying connected with your audience. Showing up in your prospect’s in-box should never feel intrusive. Your subscribers opted-in for a reason, so don’t ignore them! Some of your emails will drive sales, but most of them will be editorial, informative or simply point back to a blog post, with a focus on building relationships and trust. Need help drafting an impossible-to-say-no-to opt-in offer or lead magnet? I gotcha covered there too.


Your monthly or quarterly newsletter should provide easy-to-consume, valuable content to your audience, to set you apart as the expert in your field. No hard sells here. Your newsletters should be light, engaging and informative.

Social Media Content

Feeling overwhelmed by all the places you should be showing up? Don’t stress. I can help implement your social media strategy, by providing a bank of captions, so you’ll never be stuck wondering what to post each day.

Website Content

Refreshing your current site or launching a new one? I will happily collaborate with your web design team, to generate new or updated content, following their guidance.

Product Descriptions

Do you sell a physical product online? Helping your customers to feel as if they are standing in your shop, touching, smelling or trying on your products is my super power. I’ll write about your products with just the right words, appealing to your clients’ emotional, and tactile sensibilities.

Press and Public Relations

Are you the go-to expert in your field? Together we’ll identify publications, in both the print and online space, that resonate with your client. We’ll pitch articles, ghostwritten by me, with your expert guidance. This is free publicity! Well, you still have to pay me, of course, but otherwise it’s free.


You and your business are unique, so I don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to pricing. I’d love to offer you a FREE consultation to learn more about your business and where you need help. After we have our first meeting, I’ll send you a detailed proposal, including pricing for your project.

Bundle for savings! Combining services into a monthly package makes good financial and business sense. Let’s discuss bundling services to meet your specific needs.

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