How do you know when you’re in love…

How do you know when you’re in love… with your business?

Hah! I bet you thought this would lead to a Cosmo quiz to see if your current squeeze has relationship potential.

Nope. Sorry.

But I was thinking while driving today because that’s when the magic happens. Not when I’m sitting, undistracted with a keyboard in front of me, ready to write. That would be too easy. The ideas come when they come. When I’m not trying and when I least expect them.

So back to driving and thinking.

Today, on the way home from treating my business to a P.O. box at the local post office, I realized I’m in love. With my business. At first, I thought, wow, I’m losing my marbles. But then I analyzed my feelings the way I would with any relationship. Here’s how it went:

  • I think about my business all the time. Like pretty much 24/7. Technically I’m not “working” 24/7, but I’m always thinking, dreaming, planning, and fantasizing about my business.
  • I wake up in the morning and think about my business.
  • I struggle to fall asleep at night because I’m thinking about my business.
  • I Imagine all the places we’ll go and the things we’ll do together.
  • I find myself distracted during an episode of The Walking Dead, only to realize 10-minutes went by, and I have no clue why Carol is crying or why Negan is covered in blood.
  • I don’t hesitate to buy my business whatever it needs… a new email platform? Done. A new website? Done. What my business wants, it gets.
  • I’d miss my business if it went away.
  • I’m very cautious about introducing someone new into our relationship. My business deserves only the best.
  • When my business has a win, we celebrate with Ledo’s pizza and peanut butter ice cream.
  • I see a very, very long and happy future together. Like “till death do us part” kind of stuff.

So there you have it.

Do I sound bat shit crazy? Probably.

But here’s the thing. I love the work I’m doing now, helping women entrepreneurs grow their businesses. For the first time in a long time, I’m where I’m supposed to be, saying ‘yes’ to the things that feel right and ‘no’ to fear and regrets. This sounds a lot like love, right?

Ok, now your turn. Just for shits and giggles, ask yourself, ‘Am I in love with my business?’ and see what you come up with.

Want to build a business you’re in love with? Let’s connect and build something amazing, together!