Down the SEO Rabbit Hole

I know I’m not alone.

You start with a task, a plan, and a clear path to the end game, and somehow you end up someplace else. Can you relate?

2-hours later, you realize you’ve gone so far down the rabbit hole you can’t remember what you were doing in the first place. Not only that but now, all other projects MUST be placed on a brief hold while you reprioritize.

Usually, I’m pretty structured, using my Asana planning system to tick things off the list every day and get shit done. I’m pretty effing good at getting shit done, to be honest. I’m not perfect, and I do fall off the wagon. But each day, I climb back on and keep moving forward, trying to do the next most important thing.

Recently, I went so far down a rabbit hole that I had to add a whole new project to my Asana system when I came up for air. Has this ever happened to you?

My rabbit hole? SEO. Search Engine Optimization. You know what I’m talking about…

  • We all know we need it. 
  • We all think it’s the magic fairy dust that will cure all of our business problems. 
  • We all feel if we understand it, we’ll leap onto page one of a Google Search. 

Probably not going to happen, at least not today. Trust me; I have the same delirious thoughts.

As a copywriter with years of direct response marketing experience, it’s my job and responsibility to write copy that gets results for my clients. That’s why you hire me, right?

So, while I love to tell meaningful stories, it can’t just be about pretty words. It has to move your audience into action, but your ideal clients need to find you first. That’s part of SEO. And as the digital marketing arena evolves, my skills need to grow at the same time to stay current. Part of the reason SEO is so essential is that Facebook ad reach is not working as well as it used to unless you have a sizeable budget. So people are looking for alternatives, like SEO.

This week, while down the rabbit hole, I committed to up-leveling my SEO knowledge to help you get what you want. Results.

Today’s blog post was supposed to be about my favorite writing and grammar checking tools, but instead, it’s a promise to share what I’m learning so that you can benefit from my rabbit hole excursion.

Already this week, I’ve learned about a few helpful tools like SEM Rush and Moz and also the increasing value of ranking for local search. And still, there’s so much to learn! 

So I’ll be digging into the SEO resources with the specific intention of bringing you more value by sharing what I learn.  

To quote one of my favorite authors, Maya Angelou…

“Do the best you can until you know better.

Then when you know better, you do better.”

Are you ready to dig into your SEO? Let’s jump on a discovery call to chat about where you’re heading. CONTACT me today to get started.