10-Tips for Writing a Listicle Blog Post

Warning! This is a listicle about listicles. Wait, what?

At its most basic, a listicle is simply an article, broken up into a list. But it’s so much more than that. 

I LOVE listicles! I love writing them. I love reading them. I love writing them for my clients. 

So here are my 10-Tips for Writing a Listicle, including why listicles are an excellent blog format for your business:

  1. They’re easy to consume: 

Everyone is busy; we get it. Unless your prospect is taking time to do some serious research, you’re probably going to catch them while they’re perusing your site on their mobile device. 

  1. They’re scannable: 

For the skimmers out there (probably all of us), listicles, like bulleted items, are easy to scan to get the gist of the thing. And sometimes, we want to go deeper to read more or click on something inside the copy. But the beautiful thing is we don’t have to. We can take 5 minutes and know just what the point is.

  1. Add more detail: 

Make your list scannable, but also add value by including practical information, resources, or links. Your audience may consume this now or never, but Google loves when you provide value. Plus, useful SEO-optimized content that matches what people are searching for will help your chances of ranking higher if that’s your goal.

  1. Use your expertise: 

Always, no matter what you’re writing or what format it takes, use your blog to demonstrate your knowledge and authority on a subject. A listicle might take zero research if it’s a topic you know, like the back of your hand. Test this theory: Do a brain dump on a topic you feel comfy with and see how much you can write. That might be the start of your listicle right there.

  1. Collaborate with others for exposure and backlinks: 

Your listicle could be a curated collection of things that provide value for your audience. If you mention another business, reach out to them and ask if they would share or link to your blog. It’s good for them and good for you. 

  1. Shareable on social media: 

The beauty of a listicle is that each item in the list can be repurposed on social media. For example, a listicle with 10-20 items (optimal) can be turned into 10-20 mini blogs or posts on IG or FB. I recently wrote a blog on product descriptions and later created graphics to go with each item in my list and shared them on social media. I can use these again and again.

  1. Easy to write: 

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by a 500-1000 word blog post, instead you can think of a listicle as writing 10-20 captions or paragraphs. Does this feel less daunting? I think so!

  1. Great for teaching a process: 

Listicles are a great way to teach your audience how to do something like make Kale chips (something I’m actually doing) or changing the oil in your Can-Am Spyder (something I’m not doing). But you get the idea. Think of something you do that feels routine to you, and then imagine you’re teaching a classroom full of students how to do it. Just write it like that. There’s your listicle.

  1. Ideal for showing behind the scenes: 

Maybe you want to share a behind-the-scenes look inside your workshop or studio, not necessarily for teaching, but because people love to see how stuff is made. I wrote a recent blog post for Kristen Mara Jewelry on this exact thing. She was launching a new jewelry collection, and the listicle showed her process. We then used this content to build excitement and anticipation for her latest collection while also repurposing the listicle content for social media. Boom!

  1. Mobile friendly: 

Listicles are perfectly bite-sized nuggets for consumption on our mobile devices. Did you know that 3-lines of copy in a word doc adds up to 6-lines of copy on your phone? That feels and looks like a lot of copy, and for busy people (all of us), they might just scroll on by. Most people nowadays consume content on their phones, so take the extra step to see how your blog post looks on mobile.

Are you feeling inspired to try your hand at writing a listicle blog? I’m willing to bet it goes easier than a regular blog post, and you might even surprise yourself with how much content you can create that’s already in your head!

Give it a try, and let me know how it goes! Need help? I’m here for you. Contact me today to schedule a 30-minute brainstorming session!

MY Year of YES!

Photography by Sandra Costello

Ok, Shonda, game on!

I just finished reading Year of Yes, and I’m not trying to steal your thunder or anything like that. Promise. But it’s time for MY Year of YES!

I’m a homebody. A varsity-team recluse. That is until I miss my kids or sisters, and then I go into full-on-planning-get-together mode. And after, I’m a homebody again. 

To say I was made for COVID and social distancing…that’s cliche. Every introvert has been claiming this for the past 18-months. But I really was made for it. 

For real. The pandemic just provided positive reinforcement that I don’t need to go anywhere or see anyone to be happy.

I’d been practicing for this moment my entire life. 

Until I decided to start practicing for the next part of my life.

My year of yes started in February when I said yes to a virtual retreat hosted by branding expert Juju Hook, called Prime Time Prosper. It was an emotional, jarring, and magical journey over 3-days with talented, beautiful prime time women (40 and over), all seeking the same thing: to design the 2nd half of our lives the way WE want. To do what WE want and build businesses we never want to retire from. Mind. Blowing.

And after saying yes to the retreat, I said yes to a year-long coaching program with the same group of women, also led by coach, mentor, sister-in-prime-time, and beautiful human, Juju Hook. 

What I expected to get from the program was guidance, support, and a roadmap for my business. Check, check and check.

What I didn’t expect? 

  • I didn’t expect to feel like I ‘belonged’ in a community of women who are kicking some major business booty. But I do.
  • I didn’t expect the pureness and richness of genuine, authentic friendship and connections.
  • I didn’t expect the giving-nature of my prime-time sisters and a culture of community over competition.

But I got ALL of this. Because I said yes.

So why stop there?

Why not say yes to something I would have said a gigantic NO to a year ago… A rebranding photoshoot with a real professional photographer. 


Could I actually say yes to getting in front of the camera, having my makeup done by a ‘pro,’ smiling, laughing, tilting my head, and tossing my hair? Yes. I said yes.

And instead of feeling self-conscious, like I would have in my 20s, 30s, and 40s, on photoshoot day, I gave zero fucks about my past insecurities… 

too curvy, 

too busty,

too short, 

too curly-haired,

not enough this, 

not enough that,

blah, blah, BLAH!

Hey insecurities, bite me.

At 59-years old, I said yes to ME…

  • More confident in ALL of myself-ness than anytime before in my life. 
  • Yes to building the life and business I want. 
  • Yes to knowing I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. 
  • Yes to connecting with amazing, talented women.
  • Yes to all of it.

I’m chipping away at things that feel uncomfortable and not quitting when things feel hard or even when the path forward is zig-zaggy and pebbled. The voices in my head that used to say ‘no, you can’t’ are now saying ‘oh hell yes, you CAN!’

My year of yes is morphing into my life of yes. I’m saying yes to all of the experiences and people of my choosing. 

Yes to overcoming challenges and fear.

Yes to more adventures.

Yes to more connections with family and friends.

Yes to my gifts and talents.

Yes to everything that ever felt out of reach or not for me.

YES, big wide world, bring it on!

The Robin to your Batman

That’s me. Not the giddy camera-cheeser up front. The chubby-cheeked cherub in the back. Observant. Pensive. Curious. With little desire for hogging the spotlight, and a painful shyness, I naturally floated to the outer edge of things. Partner in crime when you needed me. The perfect Robin, to your Batman.

“You didn’t walk until you were 16-months old”, my mom used to tease. My comeback? “Well, I’m walking now Mom”, which admittedly was a pretty lame retort. Mom also said I looked like Buddy Hackett. Clearly, she was a shady witness.

What appeared to be my shortcomings as a child were actually strengths to be cultivated. I was an observer of the world, of relationships and how things worked, happy NOT to be in the middle of things, but soaking it all in from the sidelines. Yes, Mom, I delayed my first Frankenstein-esque steps, in favor of perfecting my language skills.

By grade school, I was indeed walking, but I’d also begun to learn the power of words…

  • The guilt-ridden letter to my parents, spilling my guts about the fancy, multi-colored pen I shoplifted, earned me a trip back to the store, with the pen and a written apology.
  • A note to my mom, slid under her bedroom door, outlining why I was too sick to go to school (I wasn’t), and why she should let me stay home (she didn’t).
  • The diary entry, scrawled by my 11-year-old-self, confessing my true love for a boy, professing that I was on ‘Cloud Number 9’, not just plain-old-ordinary Cloud 9.

The written word was always my friend, like a security blanket, when I needed to communicate something important. In face-to-face confrontations, flustered and on the verge of tears, I’d lose my train of thought, and my point. In writing, I’d find all the right words, pulling on each thread of thought, carefully weaving my message.

My love affair with language is still strong and enduring. From my Buddy-Hackett-beginnings, childhood confessions and professions of love in the clouds, to client email communications, corporate newsletters, training manuals and even a resignation letter, words have been there for me, like a loyal friend.

Toby Myles Copywriting exists today, not just because I’m a good writer, but because I have a passion for communicating, promoting and crafting compelling stories. I love the journey of discovery, as a message unfolds. I love finding just the right words, each one necessary to making a point. I love being a part of your team and telling your story. I’m your Robin.

Life is not meant to be strangled, or forced. Weaknesses are often strengths. And just because something is easy, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get paid to do it.

Looking for a Robin to partner with your Batman? Let’s CONNECT TODAY and see if we’re a good fit!